Save The Hobbit

by The Blue Screen of Death

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The Hobbit pub has always treated us, as a band, well, and as individuals we have each spent many happy drinking hours there.

Regardless of the outcome of these much-publicised negotiations, the pub’s current Landlady, Stella, will be left facing crippling legal fees.

After trying and failing to drink several thousand pound’s worth of beer in the pub, we thought we would help out in the only way we know how.

Any and all proceeds from this song will go to The Hobbit Pub to try to help pay the Lawyers’ fees. It is the audio equivalent of shaking a bucket, so if you like the song, Hobbit pub or a combination thereof, put some pennies in!


We’ve written this song to help our local boozer,
They need money to pay for a legal know-how,
It’s been in the news for copyright issues,
You must know the one I’m Tolkien about,

Standing up to a bully has it’s price,

We’re trying to raise some dough,
To pay a legal pro,
‘Cos if our local closes,
We’ll have further to go,

Please understand, we’re not big fans of lawyers,
But in this case they’re better than their employers,
It’s a shame it’s had to come to this,
But they’re acting like spoilt kids,

We hope this song is as compelling,
As the words of Fry, Gaiman and McKellen

You can find out more about The Hobbit Pub's plight here...


released July 7, 2012
Music written by Steve George and Harry Gardner
Lyrics by Steve George and Jeremy Bunnett
Produced by Paul Shott



all rights reserved


The Blue Screen of Death Southampton, UK

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